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The Buzz: Bad news for state workers in LAO memo on contracts
Published: Monday, Apr. 4, 2011 - 12:00 am | Page 3A

Hold the champagne: New contracts may be too costly

State workers looking for good news on contracts recently negotiated by Gov. Jerry Brown's administration won't find it in an internal state memo issued by the Legislative Analyst's Office last week.

Because those contracts don't come close to saving the state enough money, the memo says, the deals heighten pressure on the state to cut costs through "hiring freezes, furlough programs, and layoffs."

The memo, sent last Wednesday to Senate Republicans, estimates that the contracts would cut costs by only about one-third of the $308 million that Brown projected in his proposed budget.

The LAO, which recently suggested that lawmakers impose pay cuts to save money, based its estimate on a review of the ratified or tentative memoranda of understanding reached with 19 of the state's 21 bargaining units.

The LAO had yet to receive the details of deals reached with two bargaining units – the California Correctional Peace Officers Association and the International Union of Operating Engineers.

– Jon Ortiz

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Friday, March 25, 2011

There is more in depth details and concerns on the web site "Unit6members4change" site. Go there and you can decide for youself how much this TA is really worth it. After reading so much of it, it is clearly that our union has taken care of themselves and left us out of our own contract.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The past two days were spent in Sacramento at the State Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting. Those in attendance were presented the Tentative Agreement (TA) for a successor Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

The negotiation team headed by Executive Vice President, Chuck Alexander provided details and highlights. We asked questions, and received answers. The team for the most part was candid with their responses.

My only real issue is I don't think the TA is a complete and fluid document. Many of the sections are still being negotiated. It's like signing a blank check.

I would like to thank Oak Smith for taking copious notes. We gathered all relevant information for your review as a means to inform our members. That information is contained in the following pages. The information is void of any prejudice or bias. We want you to make a decision independently.

My only request is you take the opportunity to enlighten yourselves, and sieze the opportunity express your desires about the path you want CCPOA to take. I cannot stress it enough, you must Vote!

Make sure your address is current at CCPOA Headquarters, so you receive your ballot.

Let’s Lead the way and show everyone is united in the idea that as dues paying members we make our voices heard.

-Marques Jones, President KVSP Chapter


2.11 State President and Vice President’s;

The State previously paid for the Statewide President and Vice President to be off (at CCPOA HQ and not their assigned institution) (see 10.01)

8.05 7K;

168 work month still in effect, any leave used (Sick, vacation, holiday, PDD, PLP, Furlough, ITO, jury duty, military leave, subpoenaed witness, etc.) does not count as hours worked for the purpose of OT.

8.07 PDD (Personal Development Days);

PDD must be used before any other leave credit even furlough, does not count as hours worked and will not count for the purpose of OT. We will receive no PDD’s in 2011, we will receive 4 in 2012 and 2 in 2013. Must be used in the calendar year, cannot be carried forward, donated or cashed out.

*** For example if you plan or retiring 12/28/2011 and you have 40 hours of (PDD, PLP-2011, Furloughs) you must adjust your date back 40 hours to account for any PDD, PLP-2011, Furlough or the State will carry you on the books until your PDD, PLP-2011, Furloughs are exhausted. This will adversely effect your COLA steps.

10.X - PLP-2011;

This does represent a 4.62% pay cut. The request for use of PLP will be in accordance with the Vacation/Annual Leave policy. Cannot be donated cashed out and does not count as hours worked for the purpose of OT.

Employees on NDI, ENDI, IDL, EIDL, and Workers Compensation do not accrue PLP-2011

10.01 Vacation Leave;

Every July pay period during the life of this MOU every member will accrue 1 less hour of vacation than scheduled. This hour will go into Release Time Bank (RTB, see 2.11)

There are no caps for accrued leave balances during the life on this MOU.

There is no forced Annual Leave

10.02 Sick Leave;

A Doctors note may be requested at any time, if requested in advance.

10.05 Retirement Plan;

No changes to current BU6 employees (3.0 @ 50); new BU6 employees hired after 1/15/2011 will be at (2.5 @ 55).

Every BU6 employee will pay an additional 3% toward their retirement, raising it from 8% to 11%

SEIU pays 8 or 9%

CASE pays 9 or 10%

CDF pays 10%

CHP pays 10%

CSLEA pays 8 or 9%


Effective July 1, 2011 if you work a holiday on your scheduled work day you will be paid 16 hours straight pay, 8 hours on your regular check and 8 hours on your “OT” check. No employee will accrue holiday credit. If you work a holiday on OT you will get the regular time and one half. If you work a holiday on your RDO or a swap you will get paid 8 hours straight time.

It’s not in the T/A for the Holiday Officer positions to go away, only that the accrual of Holiday time will end. If ratified, we will have to wait and see how the Department implements this section.

12.07 Post and Bid

The 70/30 split will now include ISU and transportation, Management may exempt (1) Transportation spot and (2) ISU spots at the C/O level and (3) IST/Armory posts at the C/O level (these spots will count towards Managements 30%).

New section (K), unless waived by the local CCPOA chapter President all institutions shall conduct a bid to comply with this section.


Upon ratification and approval by the Legislature the State will contribute-

Single Party $321 to $377 benefit to employee $56 per month

2 Party $625 to $ 746 benefit to employee $121 per month

Family $807 to $968 benefit to employee $161 per month

Effective Jan 1, 2012 the State will pay the dollar amount to cover the employee to 80% of their covered health plan.


Upon ratification and approval by the Legislature the State will contribute $69.06 per month for employee dental coverage and $8.64 for vision. A raise of about $25 per month.


Pay raise; effective July 1, 2013 4% to top step. This raise will go into effect the day before the MOU expires; there is no continuing resolution to extend the raise beyond the life of the MOU at this time. Its unclear as to if this raise is for 1 day or will continue.

15.18 POFF-II;

April 1, 2011 POFF-II was eliminated. There is no stipulation to bring POFF-II back. This 2% benefit cut is tied to our salary increase.


Is back for MOU language only, this is a huge gain as far as protecting our rights. It is quite a lot of information to try and put here, if you have further questions about this section please ask your Chapter Delegates.


FIELD TRAINING OFFICERS; the parties shall Meet and Confer within 90 days to develop and implement the FTO program. The Academy will be reduced from 16 weeks to 12 weeks and the remaining 4 weeks the cadet will operate under an FTO at his or her respective facility.

Again, you will get an entire copy of the TA prior to your vote. As always, I encourage you to exercise your right to vote whether yes or no.

more info on contract

March 21, 2011

CCPOA and the Contract.

I need to tell you it was difficult going as we reviewed the tentative agreement. The most widely stated quote that was used today was that “it has something for everyone to hate”. Truth is it was not something that I wanted to vote “yes” on to send out to the membership for ratification but in the end I voted “yes”. I can tell you this; it gets over $600 dollars back in our member’s checks and the consequences of not ratifying it, far out way the take away’s that we will be agreeing to.

I have put together my notes from the meeting today but it dose not represent the entire agreement. You will all receive a copy to review along with your voting documents.

2.10 Representation on Committees

This allows us back in the use of force committee.

6.02 Definitions

Defies the types of grievances that can be filed and gets us back the “Health and Safety” grievance.

6.11 Arbitration

Gets us back arbitration.

6.13 Mini-Arb

Back in contract.

7.04 Referral for Staff Assaults

Will require management to give us a copy of the agreement with the San Bernardino DA.

8.03 Apprentices

Will look at getting a legitimate apprentices committee/program.

8.07 New Personal Development Days (PDDs)

2 days per year but your 2011 days will start in 2012 and you will start with 4 days in 2012. You will use PDDs before any other leave credits (vacation, sick, holiday, furlough.)

9.09 (B)

If management contacts (DIFIT) and or (OIA) for a deadly use of force incident, they will also be required to contact CCPOA representative.

10.X Personal Leave Program 2011

Reduces pay by 4.62% but ads one day on the books for 12 months. People retiring must use these days prior to retirement.

10.01 Vacation

One hour every year in July will go to union RTB. No more maximum number of hours on the books.

10.02 Sick Leave

Some of the language has been removed and is less defined on management’s burden when requesting medical verification.

10.05 Retirement

Any one working as BU6 prior to January 15, 2011 will maintain 3.0 @ 50 and any one after that date will be 2.5 @ 55. Retirement contribution goes up 3% for a total of 11% after the first $863.

10.11 Holidays

No more holiday time on the books. If you work it you will get double time that is paid on the 15th and if it’s your RDO you will get nothing. If you have Holidays off you will not lose any pay. HR officers will go away but management is required to have a system for scheduling holiday time off.

10.18 Annual Leave

This is not mandatory. Caps on accumulated time are lifted to no cap.

11.08 Overtime

Will remain 164 hours in 28-day period.

12.05 Voluntary Overtime

We will be back to “soft cap” and have a secondary list for officers with over 80 hours that will be hired prior to order-over.

12.07 Post and Bid

The 70/30 split will now include ISU and transportation in the over-all number. Also includes new paragraph (K), this will reopen the post and bid to incorporate the changes.

13.01 Health Benefit Plan

Increases States contributions to:

Employee $321 to $377
Employee plus one $625 to $746
Family, 3 or more $807 to $968

Also increases the State contribution to 80% in 2012 and 2013

14.01 Travel Expenses

Increases mileage rate to Federal Standers.

14.04 Uniform

Maintains no uniform inspection.

15.01 Salaries

4% salary increases for tope step employees on July 1st 2013.

15.18 POFF II

Eliminated April 1, 2011. You may withdraw to the extent permitted by law.

16.06 Institutional Redirection Plan

The 3%/5% redirection will continue for the remainder of this contract.

20.01 Correctional Counselors

Defines core hours and requirement to cover by inverse seniority.

27.01 Entire Agreement

Too much to list and explain but it’s beneficial to the membership. Will once again require management to properly notice CCPOA and meet and confer prior to making changes to impact issues and these issues will be considered even if diminimus.

Be Safe


Monday, March 21, 2011

T/A mou comments

The following on the MOU T/A was released by PacoVilla site. I was on the phone with Fred for the last hour, he is putting together more for us. As soon as it's complete check the blog. for more highlights on the contract! (Freds version will contain much more!)

Here from PacoVilla:
Voting just before 5:00 p.m. today the Board of Directors of CCPOA voted to recommend a “Yes” vote on the Tentative Agreement to the general membership. The vote was 47-4 with six abstentions. Interestingly enough, the whole Executive Council except Mike Jimenez abstained. I am sure there is a subtext of interest there, I am just not sure what it is.

Everybody who voice an opinion said the agreement was crappy, but no one said that they thought they could do better.

I am not going to try to touch bases on everything, it would be pretty much impossible without printing out a copy of the TA itself. I will, however, hit a few highlights.

A major broadening of parameters for when the Department, and can not, demand sick leave verification is part of the TA.

Unit 6 will be paying an additional 3% into their retirement. (As is everybody else I think.)

Holidays will now pay double-time, as opposed to the old 1.5 time plus 8 hours of holiday time. There will now be no mechanism to earn holiday time. Holiday relief officers will go away, though the state still has an obligation to allow people to burn existing holiday time.

The 12-hour shift proposal is dead, at least for the term of this contract.

Two holidays are gone.

Unit 6 will get two “personal development” days. These are a use-it-or-lose-it proposition and carry no direct cash value.

On July 1 every Unit 6 employee loses 1 hr of Vacation time, which goes into RTB.

The annual leave program will NOT be made mandatory.

Fine details of language are still being smoothed out and typos discovered and corrected. You will get a hard copy of the proposal before you are asked to vote on it. This is a big deal people. Those of you who still have skin in the game should read it carefully.

I honestly think that this is likely the best deal that can be had for Unit 6 at this time under these circumstances. You are all adults, think it over and make your choice.

This was taken from a couple seperate people. It sounds like we got sold out again. While our union is an embarrasement our presidents will go back to their institutions and try and sell this piece of crap. I supose we all can put our tails between our legs and say yes. Should have joined the CHP instead of corrections. Correctins is a dying breed.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So, we hear from the Sac. B about our contract. but where is our union? makes one wonder, don't ya think? Just something to ponder.